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FUSION 2330 & 2350

Fusion 2330 & 2350 are blends of our FUSION Liquid De-icer and Eco Brine that provides versatile ice control performance superior to traditional brines. Still making an all-natural, agricultural product derived from renewable resources blended with sodium chloride brine.

Fusion 2330 is a blend of 30% Fusion Liquid De-icer and 70% Eco Brine (23% Sodium Chloride)

  • operating freeze temperature of -25 degress celcius

Fusion 2350 is a blend of 50% Fusion Liquid De-icer and 50% Eco Brine (23% Sodium Chloride)

  • operating freeze temperature of -30 degress celcius

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This pictures shows the amazing results of antic-ing with FUSION 2350 after a 1 cm snowfall.

A higher Fusion Liquid De-icer concentration results in a lower freezing temperature, making this an ideal product for Northern markets.



Fusion family of products uses a process of alkaline degrading of sugars to increase the ionic strength of the solution, significantly increasing its melting value.


Features & Benifits

  • Lowers the freezing point of the brine but also reduces salt-induced corrosion
  • Compatible with all existing brine storage tanks and spray equipment
  • Works at temperatures where salt brines alone are no longer effective
  • Superior performance to salt brines alone, with fewer litres required to achieve the same level of performance
  • Improves efficiency through greater lane km coverage per truckload and less equipment corrosion


  • Designed as a direct replacement for salt brines, providing superior anti-icing/deicing performance
  • Highly effective for anti-icing, deicing and pre-wetting


  • Bulk
  • 1000 L Tote
  • 20 L Jug


What is the application rate?

  • Anti/De-icing walkways use approximately 4 Litres per 1000 sq ft
  • Anti/De-icing parking lots use approximately 6 Litres per 1000 sq ft
  • Stockpile Treatment use approximately 15 Litres per 1 metric ton

Is it sticky immediately after application?

The product will be slightly tacky after application until it dries into the surface.  This drying time is essential to the longevity of the residual of the product.  Once dried, the product will no longer be tacky.

How long will an application last without precipitation?

Great question! We would love to get a response from Mother Nature herself.  There are so many variables that come into play for the longetive of any liquid de-icer, weather, traffic volumes and load weights.  Many of our customers will get 1-2 weeks with just one application with no precipitation.

How much snow will this product melt?

When applied before a winter storm as an anti-icer the product is not intended to melt large amounts of snow.  Its purpose is to prevent the bond of snow and ice to the surface allowing removal to be easier eliminating hard pack and balck ice.  Although a trace - 2 cms of snow have been reported to melt when the FUSION Liquid De-icer has been applied as an anti-icer.