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FUSION Release

With FUSION Release the hassle of any type of material freezing, sticking or clump- ing in dump boxes or on any type of equipment is a thing of the past. Simply spray the equipment surface with FUSION Release and begin loading or using that piece of equipment.
    Reapplication may be necessary after each usage, as FUSION Release will be diluted by out going material. FUSION Release has no environmental impact and is 100% Organic, Water Soluble and Non Corrosive. Don’t worry about damaging any equipment and stop losing revenue with smaller loads and increased clean up times.
    • FUSION Release will SAVE YOU MONEY!
      • Applications

        • End Dumps, Flatbeds, Walking floors, Conveyors / Stackers, Loader Buckets, Skid Steer buckets, Asphalt Release, etc...


        • Bulk
        • 1000 L Tote
        • 200 L Drum
        • 20 L Jug


        What colour is the product?

        Fusion Release's natural colour is dark brown.

        Will the product stain?

        No, the product is completely water soluble (washes of with water) and will not leave any visisble signs on your equipment or clothing.

        What happens if the product spills or leaks out of the truck?

        Fusion Release is made of organic material which will not harm you, your equipment or the environment.  This product is completely safe.

        Can the product store over the long periods of time?

        Fusion Release can store for years with no issues. Just give it a shake before usage.