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Eco Solutions | Return on Environmental Investment

FUSION Treated Salt

Save 10% or more on your Rock Salt costs

Apply 30% less salt and save 10% on your material costs.

FUSION Treated Salt is a granular de-icing product that features ice control performance superior to traditional highway salt. It is also less corrosive and can reduce the overall environmental damage from winter maintenance operations.

FUSION Treated Salt is powered by our Fusion Liquid De-icer, the most advanced 'beet juice' anti-icing and de-icing product with a proven track record established through years of use by winter maintenance professionals. The treatment process coats each salt granule with a layer of highly effective sugar beet base ingredient.

Fusion Liquid De-icer can be brought directly to your site to treat your exisiting salt pile and create FUSION Treated Salt. Eco Solutions will supply, deliver and apply the liquid to your salt pile and provide blending instructions.

This photo shows how FUSION Treated Salt melts snow and ice effectively at incredible low application rates. At the low application of 79 KG/KM and 15 litres per tonne only our FUSION Treated Salt produces these amazing results! 

 Fusion Results Nov. 23 014 resized for web


Features & Benefits

  • Effective down to -30 degress celcius, where regular plain salt is not
  • Each granule coated with proven FUSION Liquid DeIcer anti-icing/deicing fluid which serves 3 functions:
    1. Maintains constant film of liquid around each granule so melting begins immediately upon application without having to wait for initial brine process
    2. Once brine process begins, the initial solution is actually a concentrated FUSION Liquid DeIcer blend similar to FUSION Liquid DeIcer, another value added product in the FUSION Liquid Deicer family
    3. Slightly tacky nature of coating causes granule to stick to the surface where it is applied, significantly reducing bounce and scatter
  • Can be applied at 1/3 the rate of plain rock salt
  • Increases efficiency through increased number of miles treated per load and a reduction in the amount of chlorides introduced into the environment
  • Organic coating reduces corrosion to equipment and is less corrosive than plain rock salt 



  • Bulk
  • 1MT Tote Bags


  • Can be used to pre-treat a surface or to de-ice accumulation


Does this product stain?

Fusion Treated Salt will not stain any surfaces.

Does the product have an odor?

Yes, FUSION Treated Salt has a slight odor.  Some times described as soya sauce or burnt coffee, the ordor comes from the sugar beet.

Will this material freeze in my hopper/truck box?

The unique charateristics of FUSION creates a free following product.  It eliminates the salt granulars from hardening together either in the summer or winter.  You must keep FUSION Treated Salt covered at all times to minimize the wash off effect from rain and snow.  FUSION is water soluble and will simply wash off the salt granulars and the product is no longer effective.