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Organic Traction Sand

Organic Traction Sand wont freeze or clump even in very low Temperatures.

Organic Traction Sand is a superior product to plain sand. The mixture of the 100% natural, organiclly based FUSION liquid to the sand prevents freezing and clumping providing an easy to apply and highly effective traction product.

Organic Traction Sand is powered by our Fusion Liquid De-icer, the most advanced 'beet juice' anti-icing and de-icing product with a proven track record established through years of use by winter maintenance professionals. The treatment process coats each sand granule with a layer of highly effective sugar beet base ingredient.

Fusion Liquid De-icer can be brought directly to your site to treat your exisiting sand pile and create Organic Traction Sand.

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Features & Benefits

  • Provdes instant Organic Traction.
  • Each granule coated with proven FUSION Liquid DeIcer anti-icing/deicing fluid.
  • Smooth flowing, lump free operation at very low temperatures.
  • As much as 8% reduction in sodium content and cost when compared to traditional dry sand/salt blends.
  • Fewer applications results in reduced sweeping and disposal costs.
  • Sand stays were you apply it, reduces blow off into ditches.



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