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Ossian Liquid Sprayer

Ossian LS SprayerIdeal for use around buildings, the Ossian LS Liquid Sprayer allows our customers to anti-ice or de-ice walkways and driveways with 100% organic Fusion liquid. Fusion is the least corrosive and most effective anti icer and deicer on the market and is salt and chloride free. The Ossian LS Liquid Sprayer allows our customers to provide the most environmentally safe anti icing and deing solution to their clients.







Features & Benefits

  • Approved for use with FUSION 2350 & 2330
  • Wide Spray Angle covers a standard sidewalk width in a single pass
  • Spray wand hose for treating steps or other difficult to reach areas
  • Customers appreciate non staining, chloride free Fusion Liquid deicer/anti-icer
  • Non corrosive to door frames and other metal when used to distribute Fusion


  • Ideal for use on concrete and paved walkways
  • Spray Fusion liquid in tighter fitting areas where a truck cannot distribute the product
  • Effectively deices without corroding stairs and metal stair cases when applying Fusion
  • Anti ice or deice without salt or chlorides


  • Single unit purchase
  • Ossian LS Sprayer Package
  • Additional refillable dense packs (jugs) available