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The Simple Boom

Anti-icing just got easy!

A complete anti-icing / de-icing spray kit, minus the tank.  This system connects directly to one of our convenient packaged products (1000L Tote or a 20L Jug).  This unit installs in just minutes, connecting a supplied power cord to your battery, run the switch into your cab for easy on/off control, insert the boom into your hitch receiver and you are off and spraying!

Spray at 10km/hr with ease. NO calibration required.  This is an excellent liquid de-icing starter system, designed specifically for use with the family of FUSION Liquid De-icers




Features & Benefits

  • Approved for use with FUSION 2350 & 2330
  • 6 ft wide DRIP spray boom complete with cleanout plugs on either end.
  • One 12 volt, 9gpm cold tech pump designed for use with the FUSION product line.
  • One 2" cam lock connector fo rthe 1000L Tote hook-up.
  • One 5/8" hose adaptor for the 20L jug hook-up.
  • 30' weather proof electrical wiring complete with battery connections and inline fuse.
  • 2" Reese Hitch receiver on both sides of boom.


  • Ideal for use on parking lots, roadways and larger sidewalks
  • Anti-ice or de-ice without salt or chlorides


  • Single unit purchase