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FUSION Tire Ballast

Never worry again about product damaging your rims or spilling and affecting your crops or live stock!

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FUSION Liquid Tire Ballast has no environmental impact and is 100% Organic, Water Soluble and Non Corrosive.  It will add approximately 11 lbs per gallon to your tractor providing a healthy ballast. The product is made from agricultural bi-products which is 30% heavier than water with a freeze point of -40 degrees Celsius provideing an excellent tire ballast.

FUSION Tire Ballast will SAVE YOU MONEY!

Features & Benefits

  • 100% Organic and biodegradable
  • 100% Water Soluble and non corrosive
  • Eliminates rust damage to rims
  • 30% Heavier than water
  • Good down to -40 degrees Celsius


  • Tractors, Loaders, Skid Steers, Trailers


  • Bulk
  • 1000 L Tote
  • 20 L Jug


Does the product have an odor?

Yes, the product is an all natural "sugar beet" material.  The odor has been said to resemble burnt coffee or soy sauce.

What colour is it?

Fusion Tire Ballast's natural colour is dark brown.

Will the product stain?

No, the product is completely water soluble (washes of with water) and will not leave any visisble signs on your equipment or clothing.

How much weight will the product add to my machine?

The product weights approximately 11 lbs per gallon filling the tire 75% full.

What happens if the product spills or leaks out of the tire?

Fusion Tire Ballast is made of organic material which will not harm your fields, stalls or live stock.  This product is completely safe.