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Eco Solutions | Return on Environmental Investment

David Nourse, Dealer Principal, Kennedy Ford Sales Limited

After 19 winters in our current location I came to the conclusion I could no longer tolerate the "white" residue from rock salt that was tracked into our sales and service showrooms during the winter months. So, the hunt began for a reasonable priced alternative.

That alternative was found last winter with us purchasing Organic Melt from eco Solutions. Their product is fantastic, no more rock salt residue in our showrooms.  The product we found melted the ice and snow around the property and walkwys in the blink of an eye and did not lose its melting effectiveness due to colder temperatures.

I highly recommend the product.


David Nourse, Kennedy Ford Sales Limited

Dave Tran, Superintendent, White Sands Golf Course

We are pleased with the results from the use of your Horticultural Vinegar as a herbicide for spot applicaitons.  The best results appear to come on dry/hot/sunny days.  That's consistent with our expectations. 

So I am completely satisfied with the product for the purposes that we had in mind.

Dave Tran, White Sands Golf Coarse

Santo Gucciardi of International Landscaping Inc.

"I have been very pleased with the anti-icing and de-icing products that I am purchasing from Eco-Solutions.

The Fusion™ product as a pre-wet adheres to the rock salt very well and helps reduce my bound and scatter better than any other product tested. Fusion™ applied to my stockpile of rock salt eliminated the caulking or clumping of the salt together. It was very easy to apply and the operators were able to see the product working right away. It also eliminated the cone shaping of the salt on the spinner. I also was able to save 20% cost of material by pre-treating my rock salt with Fusion™.

Bruce MacDonald of MacDonald's Landscaping Inc.

“A short note to thank you for introducing me to FUSION Treated Salt. It exceeded everything you claimed it would do. This product was very efficient. Using FUSION Treated Salt saved me time, as I did not need to make as many passes with the salter as I had to in the past with the rock salt. The FUSION Treated Salt saved me money, as the quantities used were less for the same coverage as last year with rock salt. As the owner of a small business, the savings greatly affected our bottom line.

Lastly and most importantly, the service we received was first class. I am a true believer in this product and I would be pleased to refer my colleagues and any new customers to you.” 

Bruce MacDonald of MacDonald's Landscaping Inc.

Dan Dychuck with the City of Kitchener

“Results were positive to the use of FUSION dust control on gravel roads. Although costs are more for the product compared to the use of Calcium Chloride, the product lasts similar, is easy to apply, non-corrosive and non-invasive to the environment. FUSION Dust Control visibly reduced wash-outs, potholes and wash boarding by binding the aggregate.