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Eco Solutions | Return on Environmental Investment

Eco Brine

Eco Bine is the dilution of granular salt in water to create a liquid salt brine. Great for use on roadways and parking lots to anti-ice and de-ice throughout the winter. Eco Brine is a colourless and odorless 23% concentration which has a freeze temperature of -21 degress celcuis.


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 This picture shows the amazing results of anti-cing with ECO Brine after a 1 cm snow storm.


Eco Solutions has the ability to produce ANY Brine consentration needed for ANY application with our state of the art manufacturing facility.


Features & Benefits

  • Product Consistency - 23% sodium chloride solution for winter anti-icing/de-icing
  • Colourless and odorless


  • Anti-icing
  • De-icing
  • Pre-wetting
  • Dust Control


  • 20L Jug
  • 200 L Drum
  • 1000 L Tote
  • Bulk