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Organic Melt

Organic Melt is a mixture of our unique organic FUSION liquid deicer "sugar beets" and a refined salt to create the most effective and least corrosive deicer on the market! Organic Melt is a highly effective natural deicer, with a very low freeze temperature of -30 degress celcius and fast ice-melting action. 

With the power of FUSION, Organic Melt's application rate is much lower than most products on the market. Minimizing traction and reducing the overall janitoral costs related to negative effects of ice melters.  The power of FUSION also reducess the corrosive effects making it a very friendly product to use.

 Organic Melt deicer is an environmentally safe, agricultural-based product powered by FUSION.


  1. View a clinical trial showing Organic Melt to be the least corrosive deicer on the market.
  2. University of Iowa study showing the deterioration of all chemical de-icers on pavement


Features & Benefits

  • Enhanced with 100% Organic
  • Least corrosive de-icer on walkways and driveways in clinical trials
  • Prevents slips and falls
  • Used on streets, parking lots & walkways across North America
  • Gentle on concrete and plants when used as directed
  • Effective at low temperatures (-30°C)
  • Fast Acting
  • Won't stain carpets or clothes
  • No Calcium or Mag Chloride
  • Made in Canada
  • Powered by FUSION (alkaline degraded sugar beet)



  • 5 kg jug 
  • 10 kg pail
  • 22.7 kg bag 
  • 1 MT tote bag


  • Deicing
  • Pre Salting


    Does Organic Melt Track inside?

    If applied acorrding to directions, the product will not track inside.  

    What Colour is the product?

    Organic Melt is a brown coloured granular, which makes it very easy to see during application.

    Does the product stain?

    No, Organic Melt will not stain at all.