25-5-10 65% SRN Slow Release Granular Fertilizer

Formulated specifically for turf grass with a horticulturally balanced blend of NPK and other macro-nutrients. A professional turf fertilizer in the same product class as golf course or sports field nutrients.

Features & Benefits:

  • Homogeneous fertilizer for consistent application and timely breakdown
  • Contains both slow and quick-release Nitrogen (N) along with enhanced levels ofPotassium (K) and Sulphur (S)
  • Slow-release Nitrogen is supplied by methylene urea providing gradual, long-term feedingthroughout the season, avoiding the “peaks and valleys” you get with cheaper sources ofNitrogen
  • Nitrogen release is triggered by temperature and microbial activity in unison with plantdemand
  • Potassium is supplied by sulphate of potash, a safe and natural form of Potassium andSulphur
  • A blend of high quality turf grade nutrients for up to 110 days of fertility.


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