Bulk Bag Delivery


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Gardening, yard work and landscaping has never been so easy with our home delivery of bulk bag gardening soil and mulch. Free delivery that is worry free and involves no mess or lugging of product and you don’t have to be home for delivery.

Screen Shot 2020-04-24 at 12.58.06 PMDelivery Areas:  Milton, Mississauga, Brampton, Etobicoke, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Acton. (Call for other city options)

How It Works 

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IMG_3657Deliveries take place every second Thursday/Friday beginning April 2-3, 2020

No need to be home for delivery! Simply “Mark an X” on a 4″ × 4″ area of your driveway where you would like the bag placed. Keep in mind the spot needs to be easily accessible and allow enough   space for your car to be parked. You will receive a email regarding your order the day before your delivery date.

How Many Bags Do I Need?

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1 Bag = 1 Cubic Yard = 103 sqft

Garden soil and mulch is approximately applied at a 3inch depth. For every square foot you need to cover you will need approximately a 1/4 cubic foot of product.



*note: images are a representation of the product and may differ from the real product.


Info@eco-solutions.net or (905) 864-8740


Triple Mix (Garden Soil) – 1 Cubic Yard

Triple Mix is perfect to start new gardens with or to put underneath sod before installation. Most commonly used to rejuvenate tired soil or to create plant/vegetable gardens. Highly nutritional, an exceptional growing medium for any application. * PRICE INCLUDES ALL TAXES & DELIVERY*




Top Dressing / Overseed Soil – 1 Cubic Yard

Our Top Dress / Overseeding Soil has a very consistent texture that is composed of organic compost and top soil, clean and weed free soil is a terrific top dresser. *PRICE INCLUDES ALL TAXES & DELIVERY*




Black Beauty Mulch – 1 Cubic Yard

Black Mulch is a terrific ground cover placed over the soil to keep moisture, minimize erosion and suppress weed growth. Our Black Mulch is Coloured mulch processed from hardwood substrates. Ground to a uniform, fibrous texture. *PRICE INCLUDES ALL TAXES & DELIVERY*