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We’re thrilled about our latest product, Fusion Release. It effectively lowers expenses associated with concrete work, infrastructure damage, and cold stress. Its versatile nature continues to inspire our clients to discover innovative applications.

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You can buy Fusion Release in jugs and containers on our online store. For larger orders, please contact us or give us a call!

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Challenger has been using Fusion Release for 4 years and “Fusion Release works awesome.” We never worry about freezing material and walking floor trailers breaking anymore. Challenger has outfitted different drop locations with sprayer systems to spray Fusion Release on their waste trucks and trailers.

Chris Strubb • Challenger Motor Freight

To purchase Fusion Tire Ballast, please reach out to our sales team via our website or give us a call!

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Fusion Liquid Tire Ballast is a great alternative to other solutions for your tires on rough terrain. Remove the risks of spilling toxic chemicals on your fields, property or yourself! Our tire ballast also works when the temperature gets cold, so you have no need to worry.

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When you are looking for a tire ballast that is both safe for the environment and will not corrode steel rims, FUSION Tire Ballast is it.  Being made of beets it supports both farmers and is truly non-harmful to the environment and will not freeze. If a tire blows out and the ballast leaks out no worries it adds rich nutrients enriching the soil. Supporting farmers is what we are all about.

Jamie Muise • TriCounty Tractor Ltd.

Horticultural vinegar

Experience the power of natural gardening with horticultural vinegar. This eco-friendly hero eliminates stubborn weeds, enriches soil health, and balances pH levels, all while safeguarding your garden from harsh chemicals. Embrace this potent, non-toxic solution for a greener thumb and a healthier environment. Harness the benefits of horticultural vinegar today for a thriving, organic garden tomorrow.

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Pesticide-fee option for treating your weeds and garden.


As effective as the most potent products available.


Horticultural vinegar reduces the risks for your applicators.