Blended Fusion 2330 Liquid De-icer

Fusion 2330 Liquid Deicer is a sugar beet based deicer that can be applied to a clean surface 48 to 3 hours before snowfall to prevent hard pack snow and black ice from bonding to the surface. It provides a easy to clear surface and is left clean, clear and safe. Fusion 2330 Liquid Deicer is a fast acting and long lasting product that is safe for people, pets and the environment. It reduces or eliminates the use of salt, is non staining, safe to handle and easy to use.

ApplicationsLowest Freeze Temp.
Pre- wet at the spinner on truck-25C
Anti-icing – (direct liquid spray)
Roadways, walkways, parking lots, driveways

Directions for Application:

1. Apply product using a fan spray directly to the clean surface 3-48 hrs before a storm and let dry into surface. Larger snow events will need more product.

2. Apply product evenly to coat the surface, avoid puddling

3. Stay a few feet away from any entrance doors to prevent tracking in.

4. Remove accumulated snow/ice and re-apply as necessary.

5.The best practice is to always apply the liquid before a storm. If applying after snowfall remove snow and then apply product

Compact Electrick Anti-icing Sorayer System & Fusion 2330 Liquid Deicer – 115 V sprayer system & 20 litre jug

Free shipping included in North America, by courier to your door. (estimated delivery: 1-7 days after purchase) *PRICE INCLUDES ALL TAXES & DELIVERY*


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