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Fusion Dust Control is a cost-effective dust suppressant and soil stabilizer that can be used in a variety of application methods to create a more durable surface with increased load bearing capacity. Typical materials that have been successfully treated with FUSION Dust Control includes soil, aggregate blends and chip and seal surfaces.



Sugar Beets


Fusion Dust Control is a biodegradable, non toxic and environmentally safe product dervied from sugar beets.



  • Biodegradable, non-toxic and environmentally safe
  • Works by coating and binding surface material, unlike dust control calcium chlorides which work by holding moisture in the roadbed
  • Rejuvenates with moisture, easy to maintain, keeps dust particles bound and offers a superior surface
  • Creates a more flexible surface than encapsulates which can become brittle, shatter and wash away
  • Eliminates high cost of adding fresh gravel and frequently grading the road surface when used on gravel roadsOrganic Dust Control
  • Chip and seal surfaces last up to 2x as long when applied onto a Fusion Dust Control treated base
  • Extends life of expensive asphalt material up to 2x when used to stabilize the road base before paving, compared to untreated bases


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