FUSION Liquid De-icer (Liquid Ice Melter)



parking lot anti-iced with FUSION


FUSION Liquid De-icer is a sugar beet based  product which can be mixed with traditional salt, sand and or chloride brines to improve performance and impact on the fusion-beetsenvironment.

FUSION uses a process of alkaline degrading to increase the ionic strength of the solution, significantly increasing its melting value.

FUSION Liquid De-icer can be used by itself or blended with salt brine, to create a powerful anti-icing solution. Known for its versatile ice control performance, FUSION works at temperatures where salt brines alone are no longer effective.

FUSION anti-icing


FUSION Liquid De-icer perform more effectively than traditional salt brines or potassium acetate alone, thus requiring a lesser amount of product to achieve the same if not better results. This means improved efficiency, more lane km coverage per truckload and less equipment corrosion.



When you use FUSION Liquid De-icer, the most advanced “beet juice” anti-icing and de-icing product ever, you get amazing reliable results.

FUSION Liquid De-icer FAQ




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