Apply 30% less salt and save 10% on your material costs.

Fusion treated salt

FUSION Treated Salt is a granular de-icing product that features ice control performance superior to traditional highway salt. It is also less corrosive and can reduce the overall environmental damage from winter maintenance operations.

FUSION Treated Salt is powered by our Fusion Liquid De-icer, the most advanced

PoweredByFusion-logo‘beet juice’ anti-icing and de-icing product with a proven track record established through years of use by winter maintenance professionals. The treatment process coats each salt granule with a layer of highly effective sugar beet base ingredient.

treating salt with sugar beet

Fusion Liquid De-icer can be brought directly to your site to treat your existing salt pile and create FUSION Treated Salt. Eco Solutions will supply and deliver the liquid to your salt pile and provide blending instructions.

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