Anti-icing, De-icing, Winter Liquid Operations Training – LEVEL 2

199.00$ 199.00$

Looking to take the next step with anti-icing, de-icing and liquid operations?

Level 2 training session is all about liquids and proactive winter management. In this seminar we explore specific winter maintenance examples, and how liquids can help you tackle some of the more challenging winter events. Participants will join our team as we use case studies to showcase how liquids can help you deal with freezing rain events, large snowfalls and uncertain weather forecasts. We identify strategies for deciding when to apply liquids, at what concentration and why. This seminar is perfect for companies that have some experience using liquids, and are looking to use them with more clients, more frequently.


Level 2 is not live and is a digital copy, a link will be provided to you after ticket purchase within 12-24 hrs.