Anti-icing, De-icing, Winter Liquid Operations Training – LEVEL 3

199.00$ 199.00$

In this seminar, the third of our seminar series, we discuss ways to enhance your winter maintenance service with software, data and technology. We discuss the future of the snow removal industry, and how to position your systems and your business to take advantage of developing technologies. We dive deeper into the frontier of liquids, remote sensing, automation and data management and provide a roadmap for how you can integrate some of these technologies into your business to better serve your clients and your staff. This seminar is for you if you want to transition your business to be more data-driven, more technologically advanced, and better positioned to weather the dramatic shifts currently sweeping the industry.

NOVEMBER 17th @ 2pm (LIVE)

Once purchased you will be emailed a zoom link 1-2 days before the event starts to join Live.  You could also purchase and wait for the recorded copy to be emailed to all participants a few days later.