Fusion Release – 15 Litre Jug

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Fusion Release is a asphalt/concrete release agent and freeze proof lubricant that is beet sugar based for concrete, asphalt, gravel, mulch sand and wood chips. It can be applied to any equipment

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It can be applied to any equipment such as: dump trucks, rollers, spreaders, hand tools, concrete forms, conveyors, walking floor trailers, tankers.

It can also be used for concrete form and mold release. Fusion Release does not damage any equipment or effect the quality and performance of the asphalt/concrete. It is 100% organic, non corrosive, non staining, safe to handle and 100% water soluble

Simply spray the equipment surface with FUSION Release lubricant and begin loading or using that piece of equipment.

Reapplication may be necessary after each usage, as FUSION Release will be diluted by out going material. FUSION Release has no environmental impact and is 100% Organic, Water Soluble and Non Corrosive. Don’t worry about damaging any equipment or reducing the effect of the material and stop losing revenue with smaller loads and increased clean up times.

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