Vinegar Cleaning Solution – 4 Litre Jug 4 Pack

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Our Vinegar Cleaning Solution is a 20% vinegar concentrate and can be used to replace commercial, home and garden chemicals. Vinegar Cleaning solution is a safer and less expensive alternative to most harmful chemicals all while being better for the environment.

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Common uses for vinegar but not limited to:

-Clean countertops and stainless steal
-Clean outdoor tools & equipment
-Get rid of ants
-Clean glass and windows
-Clean and refresh garbage bins & disposals
-Deodorize, eliminate cooking odors
-Get rid of crayon marks
-Clean food-stained pots, pans and appliances
-Clean soap scum, limescale, grime and grout
-Unclog drains/shower heads
-Clean tiles/floors
-Clean outdoor furniture and Fencing
-Soil adjustment
-Automotive/chrome cleaning
-Restore pavers/interlock and clean all types of masonry

These are just a handful of the many applications vinegar may be used for. This is an industrial grade vinegar and not intended for consumption.

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1 review for Vinegar Cleaning Solution – 4 Litre Jug 4 Pack

  1. Anthony

    Great multi purpose cleaner. Did my garage floor, patio furniture and controlled weeds in patio.

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