Winter Products

FUSION is a sugar beet based liquid deicer that can be used on its own, mixed with traditional salt, sand and or chloride brines to improve performance and impact on the environment.

Organic Melt is a highly effective premium granular natural ice melter, with a very low freeze temperature of -30 degress celcius and fast ice-melting action. It also has a low application rate along with an organic corrosion inhibitor.

FUSION Treated Salt is a granular de-icing product that features ice control performance superior to traditional highway salt. It is also less corrosive and can reduce the overall environmental damage from winter maintenance operations.

FUSION Release is an organic freeze proof / release agent/lubricant eliminating the hassle of any type of material freezing, sticking or clumping during transportation. Simply spray the equipment surface with FUSION Release and begin loading or using that piece of equipment.

Eco Bine 23% is the dilution of granular salt in water to create a liquid salt brine. Great for use on roadways and parking lots to anti-ice and de-ice throughout the winter.

FUSION Treated Sand is a superior product to just plain winter sand.  The mixture of our 100% Organic FUSION Liquid De-icer prevents the sand from freezing and clumping providing an easy to apply and highly effective traction control product

FUSION Tire Ballast is made from agricultural bi-products which is 30% heavier than water with a freeze point of -45 degrees Celsius providing an excellent tire ballast with no environmental impact and is 100% Organic, Water Soluble and Non Corrosive.