Winter Products

Organic Melt Organic Melt is a eco friendly salt deicer made by using the power of sugar beet extract. Making it the safest, most effective ice melting salt for all surfaces such as sidewalks, driveways, concrete, pavers and asphalt. 

Fusion Release is a asphalt/concrete release agent and freeze proof lubrication. That can be applied to all types of equipment to prevent sticking, clumping and freezing of product.

Fusion 2330 Liquid Deicer Fusion 2330 Liquid Deicer is a sugar beet based deicer that can be applied to a clean surface 48 to 3 hours before snowfall to prevent hard pack snow and black ice from bonding to the surface.

Fusion Treated Salt: FUSION Treated Salt is a granular de-icing product that features ice control performance superior to traditional highway salt. It is also less corrosive and can reduce the overall environmental damage from winter maintenance operations.

Multi Purpose Zeolite is zeolite that can be used as a soil amendment, spill absorbent, odour control and traction aid.

Fusion Treated Sand FUSION Treated Sand is a superior product to just plain winter sand.  The mixture of our 100% Organic FUSION Liquid De-icer prevents the sand from freezing and clumping providing an easy to apply and highly effective traction control product

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