Santo Gucciardi on FUSION Liquid De-icers

“I have been very pleased with the anti-icing and de-icing products that I am purchasing from Eco-Solutions.

The Fusion™ product as a pre-wet adheres to the rock salt very well and helps reduce my bound and scatter better than any other product tested. Fusion™ applied to my stockpile of rock salt eliminated the caulking or clumping of the salt together. It was very easy to apply and the operators were able to see the product working right away. It also eliminated the cone shaping of the salt on the spinner. I also was able to save 20% cost of material by pre-treating my rock salt with Fusion™.

With Fusion™ we are able to control snow and ice at temperatures that we were unable too before. We don’t need the sun or traffic to help melt the snow and ice. The product works on contact and there is easy cleaning of the vehicles when using these products. We have also found a reduction in mechanical breakdowns due to corrosion. By far these products are the best that we have tried.”

Santo Gucciardi of International Landscaping Inc.

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