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IMG_3767A multi-purpose zeolite that can be used in a variety of ways. It is 100% environmentally friendly and safe for people, pets and properties. Is used for but not limited to soil application, spill absorbent, odour control, traction aid, building and water. Zeolite is a crystallin, porous alumino-silicate, with the capacity to exchange selective ions. Natural zeolites have physical and chemical properties   suitable for wide-range industrial and commercial applications.


Soil Amendment Screen Shot 2020-04-06 at 9.18.21 AM

Eco Solutions Zeolite Soil Amendment can been added to soil before planting (trees, shrubs, flower, ect.) or before adding sod. It improves growth, fertilization, improves the soils holding capacity for both nutrients and water retention. It will also allow you to use less fertilizer and reduce the water requirement while still providing stronger, improved and faster growth rates.

This product absorbs and removes toxins allowing the soils rich nutrients to be use efficiently. This product is 100% organic, eco friendly, people and pet safe. It helps reduce additional cost and worry relating to the care of plants, trees, sod, ect.

Spill Absorbant

Eco Solutions Zeolite Spill Absorbent is used as an Industrial Spill Absorbent, with its capacity as a ‘Molecular Sponge’ (molecular sieve) it absorbs free hydrocarbons on contact. Most spill absorbents simply act like a wick (capillary action) while the zeolite absorbs hydrocarbons directly into the matrix.

Zeolite does not lose its structural integrity The honeycomb structure of zeolite absorbs at a greater rate yet stays firm and stable. If you walk on it, the integrity is the same as when it comes out of the bag. It has distinctive properties for a preferred industrial absorbent as it provides a strong molecular structure and micro-porosity, making them durable under the heaviest traffic.


  • chemical spill
  • nuclear
  • mold
  • land reclamation


1. Open bag and apply over spill. 2. Leave on the spill until it is absorbed. 3. Dispose according to local regulations

Odour Control

Eco Solutions Zeolite Odour Control is nature’s natural odour control. Zeolite is 100% non-toxic and are the only known negatively charged minerals in existence. Pet, smoke, food and other bothersome odours that naturally “ride along” on positively charged dust particles, are trapped inside the Zeocan Zeolite matrix.

It is able to simultaneously hold moisture, trap ammonium and capture odours. It is safe, effective, and completely reusable for years. When placed in direct sunlight for approximately 1 day, it expels the contaminants that it has absorbed, virtually recharging the Zeolite for another 6 to 8 month cycle.


  • stall
  • barn
  • bedding
  • cat litter


Tuft Infill fieldturf-patented-infill-header

Eco Solutions Zeolite Turf Infill is a multi-purpose zeolite that can be used for artificial grass infill (tuft infill). It is 100% eco Friendly, organic, pet, people and property safe. This infill will last longer than most while still maintaining its quality.

It will provide prevention of bacteria growth, stains, odor, mold, mildew and absorb toxins. This product is perfect for synthetic grass infill for playgrounds, sports fields, front/back yards and landscaping.

Traction Aid

Eco Solutions Zeolite Traction Aid makes an excellent traction aid for icy walkways, stairs, ramps, roads, and driveways. Unlike clay and diatomaceous earth that readily breaks down once moisture is applied, zeolite maintains its structural integrity.

Certain zeolites can be used with salt/sand applications in order to lock-up and hold sodium (Na) during inevitable melting and run-off thereby reducing its harmful effects to concrete and neighboring plants and grasses. This is due to zeolites incredible cation exchange capacity (CEC) in binding positive ions. Note that not all zeolite sources can provide this function therefore one must be careful in choosing their zeolite supply. Zeolites high internal surface area, physical durability and cation exchange properties account for its exceptional performance as an industrial traction media


  • walkways
  • sidewalks
  • roadways
  • driveways


Oxygen and ammonia are the two most important parameters in aquaculture operations. While oxygen can be easily controlled ammonia on the other hand is much more difficult to mitigate and is highly detrimental to the health of fish.

Zeolite is currently used in commercial fish farms to reduce ammonium (NH4) and hydrogen sulphide levels resulting in increased growth rates and population densities. Zeolite is also used for fish transportation allowing the delivery of more fish over a longer period of time. When used as an ion-exchange filter medium the zeolite can reduce ammonium content of circulating freshwater from aquaculture systems by as much as 97%.

Natural zeolite is the new ideal filter medium (ZeoSand) for swimming pools in replacement of sand. Zeolite has many advantages over sand due to its high porosity, durability and cation exchange capacity. Zeolite can remove contaminants such as dissolved ammonia that sand and DE filters simply cannot handle. ZeoSand is approved for swimming pools and spas

This product provides a simple solution to the complex issue concerning mine tailings. Simple science using zeolite can reduce and eliminate these concerns. Zeolites are low cost ion-exchangers for the removal and recovery of heavy metals cations, particularly in acid mine drainage. They are used in four ways in order to treat heavy metals and mine waste.


  • fish tank filtration
  • ponds
  • swimming pools
  • waste water
  • drinking water
  • mine tailing


Eco Solutions Zeolite building materials include strong lightweight aggregate for bricks, dimension stones, decorative wall panels, slabs, and pozzolanic cements & concrete.


  • concrete

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