Welcome to Eco Solutions,

We firmly believe that our company is a powerful engine working towards environmental regeneration. We utilize bi-products from the sugar beet industry to achieve superior products with less negative effects to the environment. Our goal is to build lifetime partnerships built on improved product efficacy, greater return on investment and a commitment to the environment.


Our Story

Eco Solutions provides organic, environmentally friendly, pet safe de icer, dust control, fertilizer, weed control, asphalt and concrete release and freeze proof products that work more effectively while providing a return on investment for our customers.

Eco Solutions is a privately owned company with a combined 30 years of experience in the industry. Since our conception, Eco Solutions has become one of the most respected suppliers in the industry with an emphasis on the use of sugar beets.fusion-beets

Our dedicated workforce of professionals strives to make a difference, and is committed to providing more effective, environmentally sustainable, organic products that provide our customers with a return on their investment. With a reputation for customer service and commitment to the environment, our company exhibits a comprehensive track record of effective problem solving and consistent execution. Our depth of expertise includes the most current management services, training seminars, equipment and storage solutions, application services and knowledgeable technicians. Eco Solutions can deliver the broadest range of services available from a single company.


Winter Products

Organic Melt Organic Melt is a eco friendly salt deicer made by using the power of sugar beet extract. Making it the safest, most effective ice melting salt for all surfaces such as sidewalks, driveways, concrete, pavers and asphalt. 

Fusion Release is a asphalt/concrete release agent and freeze proof lubrication. That can be applied to all types of equipment to prevent sticking, clumping and freezing of product.

Fusion 2330 Liquid Deicer Fusion 2330 Liquid Deicer is a sugar beet based deicer that can be applied to a clean surface 48 to 3 hours before snowfall to prevent hard pack snow and black ice from bonding to the surface.

Fusion Treated Salt: FUSION Treated Salt is a granular de-icing product that features ice control performance superior to traditional highway salt. It is also less corrosive and can reduce the overall environmental damage from winter maintenance operations.

Multi Purpose Zeolite is zeolite that can be used as a soil amendment, spill absorbent, odour control and traction aid.

Fusion Treated Sand FUSION Treated Sand is a superior product to just plain winter sand.  The mixture of our 100% Organic FUSION Liquid De-icer prevents the sand from freezing and clumping providing an easy to apply and highly effective traction control product