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Horticultural Vinegar is most effective when spraying during warm, sunny weather onto young and newly established weeds.

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Older perennial weeds may require multiple treatments. This product is commonly used for spot spraying on lawns, in gardens, sidewalks and driveways controlling annual weeds such as Black Medic, Chickweed, Lamb’s-quarter and Ragweed. It also controls perennial weeds such as Clover, Dandelion, Plantain, and wild carrot.

This product can also be used as an aggressive cleaner for concrete products such as interlocking stone, concrete patios, curbs.

20% Acetic Acid Solutionvinegar vs round up

  • Registered Pest Control Product
  • Control Weeds
  • Cleans up and brings back the new look to interlocking brick patios, driveways, stone landscaping


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