We offer a diverse range of products for your summer maintenance needs. While most of these products are readily available in our online store, some can only be procured by contacting our team directly. For bulk purchases, RFPs, or any other inquiries, feel free to reach out to us. Choose Eco Solutions for your comprehensive summer maintenance solutions.

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a visual display of different available sizes of Horticultural vinegar

Horticultural Vinegar

Horticultural Vinegar, a natural and eco-friendly alternative to synthetic weed killers, is an effective solution for maintaining a lush, weed-free garden this summer.

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a visual display of different available sizes of Fusion Release

Fusion Release

Fusion Release is a asphalt/concrete release agent and freeze proof lubricant that is beet sugar based for concrete, asphalt, gravel, mulch sand and wood chips.

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a visual display of different available sizes of cleaning vinegar

Cleaning Vinegar

Cleaning Vinegar is a more user-friendly alternative to horticultural vinegar, aimed at providing you a solution to clean outdoor and indoor spaces.

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a photo of multi-purpose zeolite along with a logo

Multi-Purpose Zeolite

Our Multi-Purpose Zeolite that can be used in a variety of ways including as a soil amendment, a spill absorber or as an odour control material.

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Lawn Fertilizers

Corn Gluten Fertilizer is a natural, non-toxic option for healthy lawn care, providing essential nutrients for your grass while acting as a pre-emergent weed control.

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Soil / Mulch / Gravel

Mulch and soil are essential for a thriving garden, providing nutrient-rich environments for plants and acting as a natural weed deterrent while conserving water.

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logo for the revolutionary product Fusion dust control

Fusion Dust Control

Fusion Dust Control is a cost-effective dust suppressant and soil stabilizer that can be used to create a more durable surface with increased load bearing capacity

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